Friday, August 26, 2016

Painting Study

I wanted to finish writing about my painting study.  After the painting swatches, I continued by attempting to paint a print of one of my pencil artwork.  There are artists who love to draw but hate having to redraw the detailed drawing for the painting.  How they overcome this hurdle is by - painting on a scanned and printed version of their drawings.  Now I have a couple of more steps to get right before the painting begins, scanning and printing.

Recently I bought a Canon Pixma Pro 100 but unfortunately I did not read the specs carefully.  It turns out that the Pixma Pro uses dye based ink instead of pigment based ink.  I learned that the difference is the dye based ink is water soluble and is washed away with water.  The pigment based ink is not water soluble.  Thus the minute I lay down a light wash on the print, the ink is washed away, and the resulting wash is muddied from the ink.  I can spray the print with workable fixative to seal in the printed ink.  The problem with this solution is the paper is also sealed and the acrylic/ink/watercolor wash will not soak into the sealed paper as quickly as non-sealed paper.  I was able to make the painting work but I did not enjoy the process too much.

I did end up selling this picture at Otakon.  I’m excited but at the same time a bit apprehensive because it proves that art appreciators like artwork with color or paint, rather than black and white pencil art.  I still love working with pencil so I have to figure out how to make this work.

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