Tuesday, November 3, 2020

“Beneath the Crying Moon”

 Finished this piece just before Inktober madness began. This is “Beneath the Crying Moon”

“Drifting along

Across the empty sea

That’s where I’ll be

Trying to find your tune

Beneath the crying moon

This vast emptiness

Darkness all around

Can I be found

And be near you soon

Beneath the crying moon“

Monday, November 2, 2020

Inktober 2020 Part 2

Continuing my Inktober 2020 in the same manner, with just laying down India ink and some color inks loosely and randomly, and then pulling out crazy, weird, random, strange images from the chaos. It has been so much fun to create these wild images.

A “family” gathering in the peaceful forest beneath the strange lopsided tree.

“Won’t you come down and play with me?”

Making magic

Don’t wake the sleepy bear in the forest.

"Is it lunch time?"

Just a nice fall day.

A motley crew of ghoulish Halloween trick-or-treaters.