Wednesday, September 14, 2016


“   Afloat, yet I still drowned
    Illuminated, yet I am in darkness
      I am 
   Spoken, I cannot be heard
   Crowded, I cannot be seen
      I am
   The wind lifted me
   The spirits carried me
   The trees heard me
   The angels guided me
       No more    ”

I usually take a long time to develop a piece.  I made a sketch for this piece around the fall of 2014 from an image that just popped into my head.  

I drew the angel first, then came the tree and the moon some months later.  

The image was going to end up much larger than I was used to working up to at this time.  I scanned the piece and shrunk it down a bit to fit in a 12 x 16.  After transferring it to Strathmore drawing paper, I thought it was missing something.  A year later, the phantoms appeared.

This is the second piece where I didn’t worry about how the image would turn out.  I just let go and drew what I was feeling as I went along.  I had a lot of fun with drawing and developing all the details.

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