Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Where the Wind Blows

I thought I finished this piece, "Where the Wind Blows", a few months ago for the project Operation Gaia, but right afterward, I did a stupid thing and ruined the piece.  A bit upset with myself, I let it sit for awhile.  After I got over my turmoiled emotion, I decided to attempt to fix the piece.  As I fixed the piece, I started working on it even more, putting in more hours, more marks, more effort.  I enjoy the process and love the result even more after the second finish to the piece.  Each piece is a chance to learn something new, about the art, the medium and myself.

First finish:

Second finish:

Where the Wind Blows is where the wind takes me, off to the distant land, world or universe, exploring new places, new experiences, new joy and fantastic adventures.  Where might the wind takes you?

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