Wednesday, June 5, 2019

My Participation in Operation Gaia

Each of the past 3 years, I’ve been able to participate in Operation Gaia.  For those who have not heard of it, Operation Gaia is an art event hosted by The Changeling Artist Collective and The Bird Whisperer Project to raise proceeds for the National Audubon Society through an online art auction open to the public.  During the first month of the event, participating artists create images fitting a weekly theme.  In the following month, artist can choose to donate art for the online auction.  I started in 2017 with the image “The Butterfly Effect.”  In 2018, the image was “Look up," where I first started my process of incorporating graphite powder with my pencil work.  This year was “Where the Wind Blows.”  I usually don’t have any external prompting when creating my artwork. This project gives me a chance to experience working with themes, guidelines and deadlines.  It was fun and challenging for me to come up with images to fit the themes and meet deadlines. 

This year I donated "Where the Wind Blows" gold pigment embellished Giclee print for auction.

Last year, I donated "Look Up" color pencil embellished Giclee print for auction.

In 2017, the first year I participated, I donated "The Butterfly Effect" original artwork for auction.

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