Friday, October 23, 2020

Inktober 2020 Part 1

 I love Inktober, whether taking part and creating the artwork or viewing all the artwork created by other artists, from those I know to those I don’t and discovering new-to-me artists. I had wanted to try painting this year and decided that I would try this method during Inktober. For the first few pieces, I mostly start with a small wet watercolor paper (around 5 x 7 inches) and applied ink on the wet surface with a brush in wild strokes, sometime going for an image, mostly not having anything in mind.  Later, I start applying Winsor & Newton India Ink to a very wet surface and let it run around the paper for a while. For some of the pieces, I add some colored ink, which added some nice effects when the acrylic ink hits the India ink. Sometime I applied the ink lightly and loosely, sometime heavily. After the paper dried, I stare at the piece at different angles and decide on an image from all the shapes I can see (or not see) on the pager. I use a black ink pen and white gel pen, and sometime white ink, to shape and mold the chaos until I get an image that pops out at me. The result is a very fun whimsical image that I am starting to really love to do. I did miss a few days at the beginning of inktober because of a funeral, but I was able to do one each day (except for Day 19, I was overwhelmed with emergencies). I do hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I love creating them. Creating art should be a lot of fun.

This one starts out with just a cloudy seemingly windy fall day over a plain field as the fall leaves float along with the breeze.

Another windy cloudy days with some strange furry birds flying by (or heading south for the winter?)

Storm clouds over the mountain range

Another fall day

Just trying out strokes

Once I played with the W&N India ink, shapes started popping out at me.

Now I see lots of small critters in this strange forest, even a few ghostly birds flying by

An abstracted symbiosis happening between these birds and the strange forest.

I can’t help but see a giant something or other (bear? wolf? or Ewok?) next to the jutting black shape which turned into a mountain. I had to bring him out.

Strange alien fish-like creatures moving through space and creating more little fishy creatures.

A motley crew’s leisured walk through the forest.

“Can I get a ride on the 3-horned beast strolling through a field?”

A tiny whimsical dancer twirling herself round and round without a care in the world.

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  1. I love how the beasts came out in the last image. Sometimes I see faces in bathroom tiles.