Monday, August 31, 2020

Various Papers Test with Pencil

 Over the years I’ve collected a variety of papers.  Everywhere I go, if I see an art store, I always go in and see what kind of papers they sell that I haven’t seen before. Some of these papers I’ve owned for a while and never used. Recently I gather a sample of all the papers I have and just test them with pencil.

I’m using Koh-I-Noor 8B and 6B lead as follows (mostly): Top left of the sample paper is just 8B lead. Top right is 8B lead over 6B. At the bottom left I brushed on 8B that is ground on sandpaper, and then go over with the 8B lead. Bottom right is 8B brushed onto the paper and going over with the 6B lead. On some of the papers, the effect is very interesting.

On some of the papers, I didn’t follow the above process. I just make marks using Mars Lumograph Black 8B, my favorite pencil. Then I went back and added the MLB 8B to the middle of the other paper samples as well.

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