Thursday, June 14, 2018

Daniel Stuart’s Poetry Book

I had a chance to illustrate a book of poems written by Daniel Stuart.  There were 27 poems spread over 45 pages.  We met and discuss the format of the illustrations, but beyond that, he allowed me to create each piece in my own style.  From this project, I was able to further develop a graphite method in creating each piece that I enjoy tremendously.  I was able to push past the arbitrary boundaries I set for myself in the past and get beyond my comfort zone.  With each piece, the method gets easier and the pencil feels more like an extension of my imagination.  It was a tremendously enjoyable experience.  I was able to finish 4 full page pieces created specifically for certain poems, 1 full page piece as a unified border that can go with any other poems, and 3 extra small artworks intended to go with partial border for other specific poems.  I hope to improve on this method with a series after this.  

The following images are created for a poem called Flow:

For the poem called Moon Gazers:

For the poem Let's Build A Palace:

For the poem called The Climb:

Here's the Border that can go with any poem:

And a few extra smaller images:

Watch my YouTube channel for process videos of each of these pieces in the coming months.  

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