Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Challenge Ahead

It’s the beginning of the fourth month of the new year and my last post was the last month of last year.  Lots of thoughts went through my head in the past 3 months but nothing worth noting.  Just a lot of self reflection and trying to turn self doubt into self confidence.  I want this blog to be about a journey of a single artist trying to make it in the art world, but I think it is much more than that.

This past weekend I showcased in the artist alley at AwesomeCon, a comic and pop culture convention in Washington D.C.  I had a great show and sold 4 originals, 3 of which I did not think would sell. Most of the art that sold, including many prints, were all the ones I created with emotional thoughts in mind.  The whirlwind of birds, clouds and waves, are all the thoughts and emotion that go through me each day.  In creating these works of art, I find my center, my balance.  I hope my images bring the same for the viewer. Each time I talk to a convention goer about the piece, it ended up in a sale of that piece, to include a second framed Limited Edition print.  

I realized that my art has a purpose.  It already has a purpose for me, but I realize the potential purpose it could have for others. The purpose is to share this emotion I feel with each piece with my viewers and fans.  My art is not mostly about storytelling.  It is more about a single thought, a single feeling, a single moment in time that you want to hold on to forever.  I hope to create art where the viewer wants to keep staring and returning to that single moment, like I feel when I create the piece, or in other artists’ artwork I’ve collected.  Is this too ambitious?  This is my Challenge Ahead.  What’s your challenge ahead?

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